Report ranks the Top 100 Charity brands in the UK

Cancer Research sits at the top of the UK’s spanking new best 100 charitable trust brand league list that has just been announced following studies by Morar HPI the Scottish registered research and branding agency‌ ‌ whose report ranks the Top 100 Charity brands in Great Britain.


Morar, with their specialist in-house charity team BrandVue Charities, worked closely with the UK’s Charity’s Task Force to develop the structure which they based on two key areas:


  1. Financial Data: The Charity Task Force provided the charities finance information which has never happened before.
  2. Research Expertise: BrandVue’s skill, knowledge, and insight tracking expertise. BrandVue collected data from 65,000 sources that covered 120 British charities. Nothing of his nature has ever been done before. The report ranks the Top 100 Charity brands in the UK.

The table is dominated by five of Britain’s better-known charities who are leading the rest of the brand pack by quite a financial mile. The total brand value is £20 billion and the top five split looks like this:


  • 1. Cancer Studies – £2.3 billion.
  • 2. British Heart Foundation – £ 1.3 billion.
  • 3. Salvation Army – £ 985 million.
  • 4. Macmillan – £910 million.
  • 5. British Red Cross – £767 million.


For the overall £20 billion, almost 50% of that is shared amongst the top ten charities which provides a clear indication that the UK is mainly sticking with the popular brands that have been around the block for years and years.


These new figures have arrived just in time as charities need to develop their game plans in the light of much-publicized negative reactions and reductions in assistance from institutions. This information also confirms the questions related to how the big boys so far, at the top of the league, have increased as their brands have developed with the assistance of market forces pushing them forward. Although there are openings for the groups outside the top ten that they need to push hard for.


A spokesperson for Morar HPI, Director Julian Dailly, said that the formation of the league ladder acts as a reminder, even if we do not like it, that the charitable organizations do have a value that requires constant checking. It’s also a clear marker showing that there are some kinds of aggressive tactics in play within the donation market as there is with sectors in the business world not concerned with charities so far. To stay in the game charities need to make sure their games plans reflect this business dynamic so far. Strategies and game management need to be aligned so that charities can increase their strength and not get trampled over in the rush for donations.


This league table will be updated every year and it will be very interesting to see if there are any movers and shakers who can break into the top ten. As for the top five that could take a long time to bridge unless there is some kind of major news that would knock one of them off their perch.

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